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Wide Game Bombs

Mark, one of the scout leaders at 7th Swindon, has built two different wide game props which look like Hollywood bombs… With countdown times, trembler switches and wire cuts…. They don’t go bang but do let off a siren when the clock gets to zero!!!


The first is Betty… This has been built using a commercial board bought online.1047992_10151974566713366_373186115_o

When the kit arrived, there were several design flaws that meant major additions would be needed to make it usable by scouts outdoors.

When mounted on a sheet of perspex, waterproof buttons were piggy-backed off the back of the buttons on the boards.

A Key switch was put in the power line and a small super-bright stobe board was added for use where a 120db siren would not be appreciated . All parts were sourced from high street stores  except the main boards. assembly required only basic electronics knowledge, a beginners soldering ability and some care.

Parts were….

  • The main boards…. brought online as fully assembled kit from here £60
  • The switches … Waterproof switches brought from Maplin here (11 needed) (£40.59)
  • Key Switch … Brought from Maplin here … £3.49
  • Strobe kit (needs assembling or let scouts do it as a part of electronics badge!) … brought from Maplin here .£8.99 (not needed but nice addition)
  • 2 Blocks of modelling Clay, from any local craft store. Hobbycraft do it for 3.99 a block.
  • Perspex and wires/connectors/other bits were in my garage/knocking around at home.
  • Case bought from local army surplus store … About £20

Total cost £140 ish

Total build time about 3hrs



A smaller computer based bomb using open source software and ardunio computer. (Picture coming soon!!)

Easier to buy the part of this online.

Kit required

  • Arduino Uno or comparable boards …. cost between £15 and £25
  • 1602 LCD display … Cost about £3 (I2C screens are a little more)
  • 4×3 Membrane keypad … Cost about £1.50
  • Key switch (similar to the one used on Betty) Maplin again… £3.69
  • This one was mounted on MDF  and put in a small briefcase MDF cut with holes etc by Jali.co.uk costing about £3

Total cost less than £35 (plus sundries)

Dynamite on this was 3 x C-Cell batteries wrapped in red paper and wrapped up with black insulation tape.


The code for this was online but needed heavily editing by another local scout leader who is  a lot better at these things than me… It can be found  Woking_ish_Bomb_Code_V4

Wiring is wilma wiring

Total build time should be about 1hr without mounting.

The games

Betty Games

Wide Games

The disarming code is hidden somewhere in the playing area either as a single code or each digit individually. Code could be in the form of raw numbers or as problems for the scouts to work out (e.g. for “2” how many animals did Noah take on the ark?”). Also hidden in the play area is the answer which wire to cut to disarm the bomb.

Players hunt out the clues and get back to the bomb before the timer runs out and siren goes off!!!!

Alternative: –  if you have several spare leaders / young leaders wandering around. One knows the disarm code and the players need to locate him and “extract” the code form him (water-boarding may be over the top here!!)  The same leader or another leader could know the wire to cut.


Incident/Night Hike base.

Bomb is at one end of an obstacle course. Code and wire cutters are at other end. Wire cutters should be attached to something so they cannot be moved…

Whole team must EITHER Move the bomb down the course without tripping the trembler switch to the wire cutters  and cut wire OR go down the course to get the code, nd get back up the course to enter it before the time goes off… Trembler switch is very sensitive and causes countdown timer to speed up it triggered so it is harder to move but can be done carefully.


Wilma Games

At the moment, Wilma games are similar to Betty games but if I get new ones, I’ll post here…